Photo of waterfall in the Sabrina Basin, Inyo County, CA

Inyo County Fishing

Photo of  Blue Lake, Sabrina Basin, Inyo County, CA

Blue Lake in the Sabrina Basin

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Inyo County stretches about 100 miles along the eastern side of California's Sierra Nevada from Mono County to Kern County. Inyo's western boundary follows the crest of the Sierra and includes 14,495-foot Mt. Whitney. Numerous streams cascade down the rugged escarpment of the eastern Sierra through Inyo County, providing some of the best mountain stream fishing in the state. Dozens of popular trout fishing lakes are nestled in the high valleys, many accessible by car.

Inyo County Lakes

In the north part of Inyo County, beautiful Rock Creek Lake lies just within the county border. Four pound rainbows are caught regularly there. A gentle hike leads into Little Lakes Valley with a dozen large lakes and as many smaller ones clustered near one another. A little farther south, only 20 miles west of Bishop, are three lakes that draw a steady flow of anglers: North Lake, Lake Sabrina, and South Lake. Each lake has trailheads leading into back country with boundless fishing opportunities.

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Baboon Lakes

  • Magnificent lakes set back in a corner of the Sabrina Basin
  • Rainbow and brook trout waiting to be tempted
  • Best as an overnight backpack trip

Big Pine Lakes

  • Nine great fishing lakes clustered within a few miles of each other
  • Fish for rainbow, brook, and brown trout
  • Fabulous weekend backpacking destination, breathtaking mountains

Bottleneck Lake

  • Remote, High Sierra lake out of the Sabrina Basin
  • Take a day side-trip and hike cross country up to this rarely-visited lake
  • Fish for native brook trout

Bull Lake

  • Day-hike or backpack from South Lake
  • Surrounded by dramatic peaks such as Chocolate Mountain
  • Excellent fishing and many other lakes nearby

Chickenfoot Lake

  • Easy hike to lake with rewarding fishing for rainbow and brook trout
  • Part of Rock Creek's Little Lakes Valley
  • A dozen other good fishing lakes nearby

Gilbert Lake

  • Two miles into the John Muir Wilderness
  • Day hike to the lake or camp nearby at Flower Lake
  • Several other good fishing lakes nearby

Hungry Packer Lake

  • High Sierra lake with big rainbow trout
  • A great destination for backpacking into the Sabrina Basin
  • Close to several other lakes and streams known for their great fishing

Marie Louise Lakes

  • An easy 2-mile hike out of South Lake
  • Full of hungry brook trout
  • Makes a good destination for children

Photo of Big Pine Lake

Big Pine Lake

More of Inyo County's Lakes

In the high country west of Big Pine the Big Pine Lakes offer fabulous mountain fishing amidst magnificent country. A few miles to the south deep in the John Muir Wilderness the Cottonwood Lakes have been a popular destination for anglers for many years. (Check special fishing regulations covering Cottonwood Lakes, its tributaries, and Cottonwood Creek.)

Inyo County Rivers and Streams

Inyo County's rivers and streams are famous for their fishing. Creeks that hardly appear robust enough to support anything more than pan-size trout regularly produce 14" rainbows. Pine Creek, Bishop Creek, McGee Creek, Big Pine Creek, Independence Creek, and many others offer rewarding fishing throughout the season. At lower elevations the famous Owens River never fails to provide exciting fishing.

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