Photo of Blue Lake,  Inyo County, CA

Index of Lakes and Streams


** = Featured Trips with detailed descriptions, custom maps, and photographs

* = Fishing locations with brief descriptions and photographs

(ESM) = Featured on the Eastern Sierra Maps

(All others only mentioned in passing)

Agnew Lake, Mono Co.
Alder Creek, Fresno Co.
Aloha, Lake, El Dorado Co.*
Alpine, Lake, Alpine Co.*
Alta Morris Lake, El Dorado Co.
Arnot Creek, Tuolumne Co.
Arrowhead Lake, Fresno Co.
Arrowhead Lake, Mono Co.*
Baboon Lakes, Inyo Co.**
Baker Creek, Inyo Co., (ESM)
Barney Lake, Mono Co.
Baxter Lakes, Fresno Co.
Bear Creek, Fresno Co.**
Bear Lake, Tuolumne Co.*
Beardsley Reservoir, Tuolumne Co.*
Beardsley Reservoir Afterbay, Tuolumne Co.**
Big Pine Creek, Inyo Co., (ESM)
Big Pine Lakes, Inyo Co.**
Bighorn Lake, Fresno Co.
Big Pothole Lake, Inyo Co.
Birch Creek, Inyo Co., (ESM)
Bishop Creek, Inyo Co., (ESM)
Blue Lakes, Alpine Co.
Black Lake, Inyo Co.*
Blue Lake, Inyo Co.*
Blue Lake, Mono Co.*
Blue Lake, Nevada Co.
Bonnie Lake, Mono Co.
Bottleneck Lake, Inyo Co.**
Boulder Creek, Alpine Co.
Boulder Lake, Alpine Co.*
Bowman Lake, Nevada Co.
Brainard Lake, Inyo Co.
Bridgeport Reservoir, Mono Co., (ESM)
Bubbs Creek, Fresno Co.
Buck Lakes, Tuolumne Co.**
Buckeye Creek, Mono Co., (ESM)
Budd Lake, Yosemite.
Bull Lake, Inyo Co.**
Camp Lake, Tuolumne Co.**
Caples Lake, Alpine Co.
Carr Lake, Nevada Co.*
Chain of Lakes, Mono Co.
Charlotte Lake, Fresno Co.
Cathedral Lakes, Yosemite.
Chief Lake, Fresno Co.
Cherry Creek, Tuolumne Co.
Cherry Reservoir, Tuolumne Co.
Chewing Gum Lake, Tuolumne Co.
Chickenfoot Lake, Inyo Co.**
Chocolate Lake, Inyo Co.
Cinko Lake, Mono Co.**
Clark Creek, Yosemite.
Clark Fork, Tuolumne Co.**
Clark Lake, Mono Co.
Clavey River, Tuolumne Co.
Conness Creek, Yosemite.
Conness Lake, Mono Co.**
Convict Creek, Mono Co., (ESM)
Convict Lake, Mono Co., (ESM)
Cooney Lake, Mono Co.**
Cora Lake, Mono Co.
Cottonwood Creek, Inyo Co.
Cottonwood Lakes, Inyo Co.
Crane Creek, Yosemite.**
Crooked Lake, Nevada Co.**
Crowley Lake, Mono Co.
Crystal Lake, Mono Co. **
Courtright Reservoir, Fresno Co.
Culbertson Lake, Nevada Co.*
Dana Fork, Yosemite.
Dardanelles Lake, El Dorado Co.**
Dark Lake, El Dorado Co.
Davis Lake, Mono Co.*
Devil's Bathtub, Fresno Co.
Dicks Lake, El Dorado Co.
Disaster Creek, Tuolumne Co.
Dollar Lake, Fresno Co.*
Donkey Lake, Inyo Co.*
Downey Lake, Nevada Co.*
Duck Lake, Mono Co.
Dynamo Pond, Mono Co.*
Eagle Lake, El Dorado Co.**
Eagle Lakes, Nevada Co.
East Carson River, Alpine Co., (ESM)
East Lake, Fresno Co.
East Lake, Mono Co.
East Walker River, Mono Co., (ESM)
Echo Lakes, El Dorado Co.*
Ellery Lake, Mono Co., (ESM)
Emerald Bay, El Dorado Co.*
Emerald Lakes, Inyo Co.*
Emerald Lake, Mono Co.**
Emigrant Lake, Tuolumne Co.*
Evelyn Lake, Yosemite
Evolution Creek, Fresno Co.**
Evolution Lake, Fresno Co.**
Fallen Leaf Lake, El Dorado Co.
Fantail Lake, Mono Co.*
Faucherie, Nevada Co.
Fern Lake, Mono Co.**
Fishgut Lakes, Inyo Co.*
Five Lakes Basin, Nevada Co.*
Florence Lake, Fresno Co.*
Flower Lake, Inyo Co.
Fontanillis Lake, El Dorado Co.*
Fordyce Creek, Nevada Co.**
Fordyce Lake, Nevada Co.
Fourth Recess Lake, Fresno Co.**
Freeley Lake, Nevada Co.*
Fremont Lake, Mono Co.**
Frog Lake, Mono Co.
Fuller Lake, Nevada Co.*
Gem Lake, Mono Co.
George, Lake, Mono Co. *
Gilbert Lake, Inyo Co.**
Gilman Lake, Mono Co.
Gilmore Lake, El Dorado Co.
Glacier Lake, Nevada Co.**
Glen Alpine Creek, El Dorado Co.
Goddard Canyon, Fresno Co.
Golden Lake, Fresno Co.
Grant Lake, Mono Co., (ESM)
Graveyard Lakes, Fresno Co.**
Green Creek, Mono Co.*
Green Lake, Mono Co.**
Greenstone Lake, Mono Co.*
Green Treble Lake, Mono Co.
Grouse Lake, El Dorado Co.
Grouse Lake, Tuolumne Co.
Gull Lake, Mono Co., (ESM)
Half Moon Lake, El Dorado Co.
Harriet, Lake, Mono Co.
Heather Lake, El Dorado Co.*
Heenan Lake, Alpine Co., (ESM)
Herring Creek, Tuolumne Co.**
Herring Creek Res., Tuolumne Co.**
Highland Lakes, Alpine Co.**
Hilton Lakes, Mono Co. **
Hole in the Ground, Nevada Co.
Hoover Lake, Mono Co.
Horseshoe Lake, Mono Co.
Horton Creek, Inyo Co., (ESM)
Hot Creek, Mono Co., (ESM)
Huckleberry Lake, Tuolumne Co.
Hull Creek, Tuolumne Co.
Hummingbird Lake, Mono Co.
Hungry Packer Lake, Inyo Co.**
Huntington Lake, Fresno Co.
Hurd Lake, Inyo Co.*
Ice House Reservoir, El Dorado Co.
Illiloutee Creek, Yosemite.
Independence Creek, Inyo Co.
Indian Creek Reservoir, Alpine Co.(ESM)
Ireland Lake, Yosemite
Island Lake, Nevada Co.*
Junction Reservoir, Mono Co., (ESM)
June Lake, Mono Co., (ESM)
Kinney Lake, Lower, Alpine Co.**
Kinney Reservoir, Alpine Co., (ESM)
Kirman Lake, Mono Co., (ESM)
Kennedy Creek, Tuolumne Co.
Kennedy Lake, Tuolumne Co.
Kings River (South Fork), Fresno Co.
Lake of the Lone Indian, Fresno Co.
Lake 10315, Kings Canyon National Park, Fresno Co.**
Lane Lake, Mono Co.
Le Conte, Lake, El Dorado Co.
Lee Vining Creek, Mono Co., (ESM)
Lily Lake, El Dorado Co.
Lindsey Lake, Nevada Co.
Little Hot Creek, Mono Co., (ESM)
Little Lakes Valley, Inyo Co.
Little Pothole Lake, Inyo Co.
Little Walker River, Mono Co., (ESM)
Long Lakes, Mono Co.
Long Lake, Nevada Co.*
Long Lake, (Rock Creek) Inyo Co*.
Long Lake, (South Lake) Inyo Co.*
Loon Lake, El Dorado Co.
Lower Hopkins Lake, Fresno Co.
Lower Lola Montez, Nevada Co.**
Lower Ottoway Lake, Yosemite.
Lou Beverly Lake, Fresno Co.*
Lucille, Lake, El Dorado Co.
Lundy Lake, Mono Co., (ESM)
Lyell Fork, Yosemite**
Lyons Reservoir, Tuolumne Co.
Mamie Lake, Mono Co. *
Maul Lake, Mono Co.
Mammoth Creek, Mono Co., (ESM)
Mammoth Lakes, Mono Co. **
Marie Louise Lakes, Inyo Co.**
Margery, Lake, El Dorado Co.
Mary, Lake, Mono Co. *
Matlock Lake, Inyo Co.
McLeod Lake, Mono Co. *
Midnight Lake, Inyo Co.*
McGee Creek, Inyo Co., (ESM)
McGee Creek, Mono Co., (ESM)
McGee Lakes, Fresno Co.
Medley Lake, Fresno Co.*
Meiss Lake, El Dorado Co.
Merced River, Yosemite.**
Milk Lake, Nevada Co.**
Mill Creek, Mono Co., (ESM)
Millerton Lake, Fresno Co.
Mine Creek, Mono Co.
Mirror Lake, Yosemite.*
Mokelumne River, Alpine Co.
Moonlight Lake, Inyo Co.*
Mosquito Lakes, Alpine Co.*
Mott Lake, Fresno Co.
Noble Creek, Alpine Co., (ESM)
Noble Lake, Alpine Co.
North Lake, Inyo Co., (ESM)
Odell Lake, Mono Co..
Owens River (upper), Mono Co., (ESM)
Papoose Lake, Fresno Co.
Paradise Lake, Nevada Co.
Parker Lake, Mono Co.**
Penner Lake, Nevada Co.**
Pine Creek, Inyo Co., (ESM)
Pine Flat Reservoir, Fresno Co.
Pinecrest Lake, Tuolumne Co.*
Pioneer Basin lakes, Fresno Co.*
Piute Creek, Fresno Co.*
Pleasant Valley Cr., Alpine Co., (ESM)
Pleasant Valley Res., Inyo Co., (ESM)
Poore Lake, Mono Co., (ESM)
Rae Lakes, Fresno Co.*
Rafferty Creek, Yosemite
Ralston Lake, El Dorado Co.
Red Lake, Alpine Co.
Relief Creek, Tuolumne Co.**
Relief Reservoir, Tuolumne Co.**
Robinson Creek, Mono Co., (ESM)
Robinson Lake, Inyo Co.
Rock Creek, Inyo Co.*
Rock Creek Lake, Inyo Co.*
Rock Lake, Nevada Co.
Roosevelt Lake, Mono Co.*
Rose Creek, Fresno Co.*
Rose Lake, Fresno Co.**
Rosy Finch Lake, Fresno Co.
Round Lake, El Dorado Co.*
Round Lake, Nevada Co.**
Ruby Lake, Inyo Co.
Rucker Lake, Nevada Co.
Rush Creek, Mono Co., (ESM)
Sabrina, Lake, Inyo Co., (ESM)
Saddlebag Creek, Mono Co., (ESM)
Saddlebag Lake, Mono Co.*
Sandpiper Lake, Fresno Co.**
Sand Ridge Lake, Nevada Co.
San Joaquin River (South), Fresno Co.**
San Joaquin River (Middle), Madera Co.**
Sapphire Lake, Fresno Co.
Sawmill Lake, Nevada Co.
Secret Lake, Mono Co.
Scotts Lake, El Dorado Co.
Sentinel Creek, Yosemite
Shamrock Lake, Mono Co.
Sharon Lake, Tuolumne Co.**
Shaver Lake, Fresno Co.
Shelf Lake, Fresno Co.
Shell Lake, Mono Co.*
Sherwin Creek, Mono Co., (ESM)
Sherwin Lakes, Mono Co. **
Silver Creek, Alpine Co.**
Silver King Creek, Alpine Co.
Silver Lake, Mono Co., (ESM)
Silver Pass Lake, Fresno Co.
Skelton Lake, Mono Co.**
Slinkard Creek, Mono Co., (ESM)
Sotcher Lake, Madera Co. *
South Lake, Inyo Co.*
Spaulding, Lake, Nevada Co.*
Sphinx Lakes, Fresno Co.
Spuller Lake, Mono Co.**
Stanislaus River, Middle Fork, Tuolumne Co.*
Stanislaus River, South Fork, Tuolumne Co.**
Starkweather Lake, Madera Co. *
Steelhead Lake, Mono Co.
Summit Creek, Tuolumne Co.*
Summit Lake, Inyo Co.
Susie Lake, El Dorado Co.**
Tamarack Lake, El Dorado Co.
Tenaya Creek, Yosemite.**
Tenaya Lake, Yosemite.
Thomas A. Edison, Lake, Fresno Co.*
Three Island Lake, Fresno Co.*
Tioga Lake, Mono Co., (ESM)
T.J. Lake, Mono Co. **
Topaz Lake, Mono Co., (ESM)
Topsy Turvy Lake, Inyo Co.
Trail Lakes, Fresno Co.
Treasure Lakes, Inyo Co.
Triangle Lake, El Dorado Co.
Trumbull Lake, Mono Co., (ESM)
Tuolumne River, Tuolumne Co.
Twenty Lakes Basin, Mono Co.*
Twin Lake, Alpine Co.
Twin Lakes, El Dorado Co.
Twin Lakes, Mammoth, Mono Co. *
Twin Lakes, Mono Co., (ESM)
Union Valley Reservoir, El Dorado Co.
Upper Truckee River, El Dorado Co.
Valentine Lake, Mono Co.
Velma Lakes, El Dorado Co. **
Virginia Creek, Mono Co., (ESM)
Virginia Lakes, Mono Co.*
Velma Lakes, El Dorado Co.
Walker Creek, Mono Co., (ESM)
Walker Lake, Mono Co., (ESM)
Walker River gorge, Mono Co., (ESM)
Waterhouse Reservoir, Tuolumne Co.
West Walker River, Mono Co., (ESM)
Warren Lake, Nevada Co.
Wasco Lake, Mono Co.
Weaver Lake, Nevada Co.
Weil Lake, Nevada Co.
Weir Pond, Inyo Co.*
West Lake, Mono Co.
White Rock Lake, Nevada Co.
Wishon Reservoir, Fresno Co.
Wolf Creek, Alpine Co., (ESM)
Wrights Lake, El Dorado Co.**
Yost Lake, Mono Co.
Z Lake, Mono Co.