Photo of TJ Lake, Mammoth Lakes, Mono County, CA

Mono County Fishing

Photo of  Mammoth Lakes, Mono County, CA

Mammoth Lakes

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For complete information about fishing, camping and boating on California's most popular lakes, including Mammoth Lakes, the June Lake Loop, and Mono Lake, see
California's Greatest Lakes.

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California Record Trout Caught in
Mono County

Brook Trout
9 pounds, 12 ounces

Caught by Texas Haynes in Silver Lake on September 9, 1932.

Brown Trout
26 pounds, 9 ounces

Caught by Danny Stearman of Bakersfield in Twin Lakes on April 30, 1987.

Mono County along the eastern slope of the Sierra is one of the premier fishing destinations in California. Mono County spreads from the summit of the Sierra to the Nevada border and from Mammoth Lakes in the south nearly to Topaz Lake in the north. Within its boundaries are many of the Eastern Sierra's most popular fishing lakes: Crowley Lake, Virginia Lakes, Lundy Lake, Mammoth Lakes, Twin Lakes, Bridgeport Lake, and the entire June Lake Loop. (T.J. Lake shown above)

California record brook and brown trout were caught in Mono County. The streams in Mono County attract fly fishermen from around the world. Among the leading fishing creeks and rivers are the East Walker River, West Walker River, Lower Rush Creek, Hot Creek, and Lower McGee Creek. Wilderness fishing destinations include the Hoover Wilderness and the Toiyabe National Forest. One advantage of fishing the Eastern Sierra is that many of the little side-roads up into the mountains put you at high elevations, within easy walking distance of many alpine streams.

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Cinko Lake

  • A fishing expedition into the Hoover Wilderness
  • Spend multiple nights in the wilderness fishing various lakes
  • Comfortable camping destination

Conness Lakes

  • Water taxi across Saddlebag Lake and then just a 1.3 mile hike puts you at the lakes
  • At the base of Mount Conness near Yosemite National Park
  • Twenty other prize fishing lakes in the area

Cooney Lake

  • Only a mile from Virginia Lakes
  • Enjoy great fishing for brook and rainbow trout
  • Stop by Virginia Lakes Resort for refreshments on your way out

Crystal Lake

  • Spectacular mountain lake only a short hike out of Mammoth Lakes
  • Great day trip to fish for rainbow, brook, and brown trout
  • Find plenty of other lakes nearby in Mammoth Lakes

Emerald Lake

  • Twenty minute walk from Lake Mary in Mammoth Lakes
  • Good early morning destination
  • Fish your way around the lake for rainbows and brookies

Fern Lake

  • a 2-mile uphill hike from the June Lake Loop to this hidden gem
  • A strenuous climb pays off with excellent fly fishing
  • Makes a nice change of pace from trolling on June Lake

Fremont Lake

  • A beautiful mountain lake teeming with big trout
  • A full day of hiking to reach the lake, but worth the effort
  • Leavitt Meadows Pack Station will pack you in to Fremont Lake

Green Lake

  • A 2½-mile hike from the trailhead on Green Creek
  • Beautiful scenery and a varied shoreline guarantee an enjoyable day of fishing

Hilton Lakes

  • A 2-hour hike from the Rock Creek area.
  • Day trip or camp overnight and explore all the nearby lakes
  • Combine with a fishing excursion up Rock Creek

Mammoth Lakes

  • A fly-fishing Mecca in the Eastern Sierra with 7 major lakes
  • Spectacular mountain scenery
  • Campgrounds, lodging, trails, restaurants all nearby

Middle Fork of the San Joaquin River

  • 9 miles of fishing in the Devils Postpile and Reds Meadow area
  • Actually in Madera County, but it feels like the Eastern Sierra
  • Fish near the road or hike to more remote sections

Parker Lake

  • Two-mile hike to this beautiful mountain lake near June Lake Loop
  • Fish for brown and brook trout
  • A great place to pack in a float tube for the best fishing

Sherwin Lakes

  • Fish a series of pristine mountain lakes near Mammoth
  • A one hour hike and then cast for rainbows and browns

Skelton Lake

  • An easy hike from the Mammoth Lakes area
  • Fish for rainbow and brook trout

Spuller Lake

  • Magnificent high country off Tioga Pass Road near Yosemite
  • A 2.7-mile hike to this alpine treasure; make it a catch and release destination
  • Pass through the mining ruins of historic Bennettville

T.J. Lake

  • Beautiful scenery off the beaten path in Mammoth Lakes
  • A half hour walk brings you to some amazing fishing

Photo of June Lake
June Lake

Above the June Lake Loop

The June Lake Loop is famous for its fabulous fishing. If you enjoy discovering more remote lakes in the area and don't mind a little hiking, you can reach Agnew Lake and then Gem Lake. Farther up, Clark Lakes make a nice little fishing get-away. Among our favorites is Fern Lake. It is a tough climb, but along the way you get great views of the June Lake Loop and the fishing at Fern is always fun.

East of Yosemite

One of the greatest fishing back-country loops in the Mono County is the 20 Lakes Basin beyond Saddlebag Lake. Eight miles of hiking will take you in a circuit around the lakes allowing you to try your luck fishing at Steelhead Lake, Shamrock Lake, Odell Lake and 17 others. My Conness Lakes excursion, one of the featured trips in Mono County, gives the details of how to access 20 Lakes Basin.

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